An early Christmas present

Santa brought a special present early to our house this year (December 1st!) because it wouldn't quite fit in his sleigh... and the swing set installing people were booked up the rest of December.

I put a special note in the Christmas tree for the kids to find that led them around the house with clues, eventually leading out to the backyard.  They were really excited when they walked out back and Lila yelled "it's a park!!!" which it pretty much is.  They immediately started climbing and playing and kept it up out there for the rest of the day.

I really wanted to get the kids playing in the backyard more and knew a playset would be the perfect way.  Byron lamented that his grass would die under the swings and fort, but we didn't lay down sod to have perfect grass to look it, it's supposed to be played on!  Now instead of having to go out and supervise the kids in the front yard while they ride bikes several times per day, I can (try to) actually get something done around the house while they play out back (...once we teach Miles to pump on the swings).  

Lila usually runs out to swing first thing in the morning and they spend hours out there every day.  It's also been really fun to have playgroup here with a fun place for the kids to play outside.  Money well spent for sure.

P.S.--We still haven't added the playset to our home insurance like you recommended Dad Halsey, but we did have our first injury at playgroup last week, and it was a nasty one.  

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Annalise said...

SO CUTE!!! My parents should have invested in a swing set earlier.

Your kids are getting to be so big...I was having sweater envy over Lila's outfit for the christmas pictures.