A few things about this little boy of mine:
7 months old

  1. He has perma-surprised eyebrows.  It cracks me up!  Everyone always comments on it and I think it's actually pretty adorable.
  2. He doesn't use a binky.  This is HUGE for us because my other kids were totally and helplessly addicted until the age of two.  I couldn't find any for a couple of days and he was totally fine so I figured why reintroduce it.  He likes to suck two fingers when he's tired or upset, which is sooooo much easier than the binky because (a) his fingers don't get lost under the couch or behind the crib and (b) he can put them in by himself, even in the car!
  3. He has a million nicknames: Cal, Cal pal, Calvinius, Boo boo, Boogie baby, and the list goes on and on.  
  4. He's in a major grabby phase.  He's brushed food off plates, knocked over candlesticks, pulled many a head of hair, sucked on everyone and their brother's fingers, and will use any object within his reach as a teething toy.
  5. He loves his brother and sister.  Both Lila and Miles can get him to laugh so hard.  The other day I had Cal and Lila buckled in the car when I went back in to get Miles and heard what I thought was crying coming from the garage.  I ran out to see what was the matter only to have Lila explain that she and Cal were having a laughing contest.  They were going back and forth laughing as hard as they could over and over again.  Talk about melting a mother's heart!
  6. He still loves being his baby carrier, the Beco Butterfly, which I highly recommend.  It's definitely his happy place.  Like Lila and Miles before him, he refuses to sit in a stroller.

Cal, you bring all of us so much joy.  I can't believe 7 months ago you were born as a tiny 4 lb. 9 oz. preemie.  You have done so well and we can't thank our Heavenly Father enough for taking good care of you while you were in the hospital and ever since.  We are so lucky to have you in our family.


Laura Taylor said...

I love the new posts! and the new layout of the blog! I look forward to hanging with you guys this summer!!! Calvin is super cute

geri said...

so so cute! Love that kid!